An on-line postcard and antique bookshop where you’ll find more than 2,100 antique postcards to browse and to buy on-line. Mainly French cities, sorted by « département ». A special page is about French Dom-Tom : Tahiti, French West Indies, St Pierre et Miquelon. You’ll find also some pages about foreign countries (Algeria, Switzerland, Belgium) or topical collections : animals, young women, lovers, children, airplanes, ships, railways 



As for books, more than 600  second-hand or antique books are available : different topics available : geography, genealogy, history, alcoholism… : of course these books are often written in French, but we have quite a lot written in English !



All the available stock is not on-line ! Please feel free to ask us about the topics you’re interested in, we can answer in English !

And do not forget to send us your want list !